Dec 22, 2021

Upholstery plays a vital part in keeping your furniture safe; therefore, it is important to also give it the maintenance and care it needs. Upholstery is found on almost any kind of furniture today. From lounges, sofas, and other types of seating to curtains, mattresses, and even certain types of bed frames. It makes everything look and feel more comfortable. 

But just like anything that is widely used, its often that it can harbour harmful microbes such as bacteria, germs, or dust. Conversely, it also makes it susceptible to getting dirty and cheapening from permanent stains if its spills are not taken care of properly.

For these reasons it only makes sense that your upholstery requires a deep and professional clean every 6-12 months. If you have kids, pets or often welcome a lot of guests, this time frame may be even shorter. Still don’t believe us? 

Here’s six reasons from our team why we believe upholstery cleaning is important.

    1. The Durability Of The Furniture
      Upholstery cleaning can help your furniture last longer in good condition, for a satisfying lifespan. When you first put furniture into your house, it is sure to look beautiful. But with time, your upholstered furniture can get stained and dirty. Just like anything you use very often, it deteriorates over time. People in Sydney have no trouble vacuuming over their upholstery to get out the crumbs, but when it comes to deep cleaning upholstery to make it fresher, easier to maintain and more comfortable, professionals need to come in. As experts in upholstery cleaning, they have the specialist knowledge and tools to efficiently clean your upholstered furniture without causing any damage. Making it easier to maintain and look after. So, you don’t end up throwing away those beautiful pieces you have taken a lot of effort acquiring sooner.
    2. Good Appearance
      Your furniture wouldn’t face problems in its appearance as early, with clean good-quality upholstery. Bright colours or prints especially need to be cleaned properly from time to time to maintain their colour. Colours can fade, darken or discolour in other ways with wear and tear or as they get dirty. Regular and proficient upholstery cleaning would make sure that the material doesn’t lose its colour over time. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to do its cleaning on a routine basis or seek the help of professionals.
    3. Decreased Maintenance Costs
      Your furniture is an essential part in making any house a home. It’s no surprise that many people spend a lot of time and cash in selecting the right pieces. However, quality furniture deserves quality maintenance. If you want to keep these pieces beautiful and usable, you can get the help of upholstery cleaning services for a professional clean. Opting for a deep clean once or twice a year gives your upholstered furniture that fresh and ‘like new again’ clean. Making it easier to clean and maintain afterwards. They have all the best and latest equipment at the service to deal with any specific upholstery or issue, so that you don’t have to. Professional cleaners can also treat your upholstery so that it becomes more resistant to dirt, debris, and stains. Now that’s an efficient way to bring down your maintenance costs.
    4. Improvement In Air Quality
      Does your upholstery not smell good? The problem of the odour is always going to be there if you don’t take care of it. This is especially true if you keep your furniture in a locked room and don’t open the doors or windows to air it out. The upholstery furniture will just smelling odd over time, and maybe it even leaves a strong musk in the room. With upholstery cleaning services, you can get rid of the odour to bring back a good air quality. It’s important that you have good air quality in any room, as it can cause health issues otherwise. It also gives you back a room!
    5. A Clean House
      Clean upholstery is important in securing a clean house. They say, when cleaning, the smart solutions are often the best solutions. You upholstered furniture, such as your couches, lounges and armchairs usually take centre stage wherever they are installed. So, when they are cleaned, they make an immediate impact. It’s a great way to really give yourself that ‘home showroom’ clean. Upholstery cleaning services often are also able to tend to other cleaning tasks in your home such as carpet or leather. They are the best professionals to hire when you want to spring clean your house.
    6. Reduction In Allergens
      Sneezing, itchy eyes or a running nose can all be symptoms that your upholstery is festering with allergens. Keep your family and yourself safe by rectifying the issue by calling upholstery cleaning services. A cleaning specialist will perform a proper deep clean to extract anything that can be affecting allergy symptoms. For a clean couch that everyone can go back to enjoying again.
      There are so many excellent reasons to opt for upholstery cleaning. If you are ready to see the difference of a professional clean, make sure you reach out for the best cleaning services in Sydney! Carpet Cleaners Australia!