hard surfaces

Hard Surface Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaners Australia we clean, restore and seal all types of tiles, pavers and concrete for houses, shops, offices, factories, commercial and industrial floor spaces, stone and concrete walls and brick fencing all over Sydney.

Hard surfaces might appear to be clean because you mop, hose or vacuum regularly, however most of the mildew and dirt that builds up is deep within the porous surface.

At Carpet Cleaner Australia we clean and restore all types of tiles.

Hard Surface Cleaning Specialties:


Tiles And Pavers

Roof Tile Cleaning

Tennis Courts

Outdoor Pavers

Tiles And Grouting



Pool Surrounds

Stone Walls And Fencing

Pavers - Brick - Sandstone - Tiles and Grout

tile and grout cleaning

outdoor and driveway pavers and surfaces

concrete and sandstone cleaning

for 24 hour emergency(Water damage and restoration callouts only)
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