Dec 22, 2021

When you invest in a good carpet and fashionable rugs, it’s understandable that you would want to keep them beautiful. Carpets have a way of making any home feel more luxurious, welcoming and warm. As well as adding a sense of professionalism and a quieter stride to any office. That’s why, if you have rugs or carpets, you should take the care to keep them clean.

Keeping your carpets in top shape can be expensive or a big drain on your time, particularly if you’re not always at home. The best-looking carpets are cleaned very often. The fibres of your carpets can take in dirt, dust, bacteria, mould, and other contaminants. With time they can sink in deeper and become embedded within. Which is why for many homes with spotless carpets you can often find that they vacuum every day or every other day a week. 

Don’t leave your carpet to be becoming so dirty that the mess sets in and the debris hardens. It’s harder to clean for you and for us, which can cost more for a restoration service. Worse, that time to replace it can come around a lot sooner than needed. 

If you think your cleaning habits can use some improvement, there’s never too late a time to start. So that you can keep your carpets looking as beautiful as they were when first installed. As advised by the top professional rug cleaning providers in Sydney.

Regular Vacuuming

A great way to clean of course is to vacuum often. Just how often is ideal for you would really depend on the area you live, whether many people live at home, what type of carpet you have and if you have any pets in the house. Vacuuming once a day is one of the most fool proof ways to keep your carpet clean, but most people don’t have the time to dedicate to this task. Which is why we recommend spacing out a few days in a week, depending on how quickly your carpets get dirty. 

You can also attempt to opt for a deep overall clean at least twice a week or go for a professional cleaner on a weekly basis if you find you keep getting rather messy areas. Then spot clean whenever crumbs or dirt noticeably gather in one spot. 

Barrier mats and runners

Another way to reduce the mess on new or freshly cleaned carpets is to place mats or runners over high traffic areas. This is likely to be your hallways, entryways, staircase, or areas in front of a couch. It also pays to lay down a barrier mat in front of rear entry door if it connects to the backyards – so basically anywhere where dirt can be trekked in, or people tend to linger. This will help you keep these areas free from dirt.

Treat stains immediately

When something drops onto the carpet, don’t put cleaning it up off. Deal with spills and stains as soon as they happen. The longer a stain persists on a material, the harder it is to get out. The same is true when it comes to carpet. You may find that some carpets on the market boast of their stain resistance properties, but these carpets need immediate care. Harsh chemicals, heavily pigmented foods and medication can still get by their stain-resistant barrier and stain or damage your carpet. 

Keep food and drinks away

While it’s fun to have family and friends over for gatherings or hosting parties, it’s also a common time for spills and stains occur. Many times people eat as they walk. Also lunch and dinner often also gets brought to the living room coffee table, to enjoy pizza and the footy at one time. However, if you care about your carpet, it’s best that you keep your food and drinks at a dining table. Ideally in a room with a hard non-porous surface. We know that that’s not always the most enjoyable way to have friends over though. So, you can also try placing a plastic weave picnic blanket or easy-to-clean rug in your lounge room for these occasions. Then there’s no reason to feel shy!

Have pets? Use a Squeegee

While it might sound bizarre, we’ve seen many homeowners with pets make great use of a cheap squeegee for pulling fur from carpets with short piling. Just stroke it across your carpet and gather it up. It’s also a great secret weapon for fur shedding on your upholstery furniture also, although it’s a method that make take both some time and elbow grease. You’re welcome!

Avoid using too many harsh chemicals

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean, it all comes down to common sense. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals when cleaning pet hair off your floor, and you definitely don’t want those nasty pet dropping stains damaging the fibres of your carpet. You need to use the proper chemicals and methods that can be advised to you by the carpet supplier or a home improvement store. In some cases, such as stains and odours though, it’s best to just hire professional rug cleaning services in Sydney to efficiently lift away the mess. 

Hire a professional cleaner annually

At least once a year, or once every 6 months if you have a large and busy household. When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you may think you have only two options: do it yourself or get a professional carpet cleaner. Although we would recommend that you do both. Regular vacuuming is needed to keep your floors free from mess and spot cleaning is needed as soon as stains appear. However, in the case of stubborn stains, deep cleaning needed or allergies acting up, we recommend you call a professional in Sydney. 

A carpet cleaning professional will also be able to help get out strong odours, deeply embedded dirt, and harmful pathogens you may not be able to see. Giving you not just a beautifully clean carpet but a more hygienic and safer interior space to live in.