Dec 22, 2021

There is something about wet carpet that makes it unpleasant. It could be the scent, the way it sticks to your feet or the way it absorbs smells.

You can try scrubbing the carpet with a damp cloth and rinsing with water after use, but this may just not remove the lingering smell permanently. To get rid of the smell permanently, you need to understand what causes the carpet to smell so bad in the first place. You need to work with the proper methods of wet carpet drying so that your carpet dries efficiently and doesn’t end up smelling so bad.

What causes that ‘damp carpet’ smell while wet carpet is drying? You may take steps to mitigate this problem, but on your own it’s probably not worth the effort. Why? Because neglecting the maintenance of your carpets can lead to a damp environment that negatively affects both your health and the health of those around you. This includes the pets within your home as well as visitors to your home. If damp carpet smell lingers long after your carpet dries, then it’s time to call a specialist. Our cleaners from carpet cleaners Australia are fast and well-equipped to provide the treatment your carpet needs.

If it’s only started to become a problem, however, now may be the time you can intervene on your own. This article will address what you can do to ensure your carpets stay clean and healthy after you leave wet carpet drying, while also encouraging you to do some things to lift the odour coming from your flooring.

Dry Rugs in the Sun

If you have a large area rug, the solution is simple. Place it in a different location and allow it to air out. Over time the rug will absorb the excess moisture and should smell less like damp leaves and clean carpets. If the smell lingers longer, avoid moving the rug and contact your carpet cleaner directly for additional help. 


There’s a way to solve just about any carpet problem, whether its mildew coming off the carpet or dampness that won’t quit. Vinegar is one of many products that can be used to clean up carpet dents, stains, or even rot. Vinegar is an effective cleaning product and can be used on wet carpets. It gets into the fibres of the carpet and helps lift mould and mildew off the floor. The best time to use vinegar on the carpet will be as an after-care regime, immediately following a cleaning procedure that removed any oils, grease, or dirt. Mix equal parts with warm water in a spray bottle, then spritz over your carpet. The odours of both the vinegar and damp carpet should dissipate as it dries. Avoid using this method on delicate carpets made from wool, silk and other natural fibres, as these materials can deteriorate with exposure to acidic products. 

Other Liquids

Aside from vinegar, there are other liquids you can use for your wet carpet drying, if you’re not a fan. Spraying citrus or lavender essential oils (for example) on your carpeting may help cut through the odour. Certain types of wood can also shed natural oils that give carpet bodies their unique but lovely ‘new carpet’ smell. Add a few drops of liquid detergent to a damp cloth and rub all stains away.

Baking Soda

Another easy tip to stopping carpet from smelling damp while wet carpet dries, is rubbing a little baking soda into the area where the carpet feels damp. This will dissolve any lingering dirt or stains that makes this section take longer to dry and will instantly freshen up your carpet. If you’ve ever brought a new carpet into your home or laundry room, you’ll know how incredibly easy it is for carpet to absorb smells from the interior walls and floors. The chemical reaction that occurs when the soda evaporates creates an odourless mist that can develop gradually or come out strong. Taking care of your carpets with additional ingredients such as lemon juice or tea tree oil will help eliminate the need for additional possibly chemicals to keep your carpets sufficiently clean. 

It’s important to also note that lemon juice, like bleach has lightening qualities, that’s why you should only ever use it with paler or lighter carpets. 

All of these mentioned tips are effective for wet carpet drying and stopping your carpet from smelling damp but if they still wouldn’t work, consider replacing the carpet or call the professional carpet cleaners to do the work for you. With our specialist equipment, knowledge and experience, you can be sure of the advice for carpet maintenance that we would give you.