Rug Cleaning in Brookvale

Carpet Cleaners Australia is an experienced, licensed, certified, and insured rug cleaning company in Brookvale. We are experts in all kinds of cleaning services, utilising the latest technology and fully trained professionals to bring you the best results.

Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Beneficial?

Vacuuming alone is not enough to keep your rugs free from dirt, dust, and allergens. Carpet fibres can absorb dirt and dust that it won’t easily let go of, making it vulnerable to contaminates that can make you and your family sick. We are professional rug cleaners across Brookvale that will keep your rugs clean and allergen-free.

About us:


    To extract dirt, stains, and allergens from your rug we use a proper hot-water extraction process, with a hi-tech cleaning solution that doesn’t leave any residue.


    Our expert technicians examine rugs closely for pulls, rips, and tears before starting the clean, to ensure no further damage while cleaning.

How Do We Work?

  1. Our team begins by inspecting rug areas for stains that may require special treatment
  2. In the rug cleaning process, we use rug cleaning machines to deep clean. This machine pumps hot water into the rug to remove dirt deep within the fibers, then extracts the water, and the released dirt.
  3. The powerful suction rug cleaning machine also removes substantial amount of water so your rug will dry quickly.
  4. Final finishing touch is a deodorizing treatment to make your rug not only look cleaner but smell fresh.

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