Dec 22, 2021

Have pawprints or footprints on your carpet? Maybe the colour has darkened or faded, or your kid sneezes when near it. 

It might be about time that you get your carpet cleaned. 

However, with all the different types of cleaning out there for your carpet, knowing what to ask for can appear to be an intimidating process. Particularly when you are a person that doesn’t want to spend any more than you must. Here, our carpet cleaning experts guide you in identifying the best method of cleaning to go forward with, depending on your carpet’s issues. So that you can know the effectiveness to expect of each method, and rest assured, knowing you’re not being ripped off.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

There is often no ‘best’ approach to stick with for most standard carpets. Carpets need the proper care and maintenance to stay clean. In most cases, your carpet will benefit from using different approaches to allow for more regular cleaning. In other cases, such as stubborn stains, hard matted fibres or delicate fabric, more care needs to be taken to restore your carpet’ appearance and cleanliness.

The following are some of the best standard methods for carpet cleaning in Sydney:

Hot Water Extraction ‘Wet Cleaning’

This method is popular among those who are prone to allergies to detergents. It’s great for killing bacteria, germs, and other irritating agents. Consequently, it’s also a method that’s often called ‘wet cleaning’. This procedure removes all traces of water after cleaning as you extract water as you go, but it takes a few hours to become ready for foot traffic. 

The Good:

  • Kills spores, mildew, algae, bedbugs, dust mites, ants, and other insects.
  • Loosens and extracts embedded dirt, debris, and residue at the base of your carpet’s fibres that a vacuum won’t pull up.
  • Restores matted fibres in your carpet for a soft and plush again feeling underfoot.
  • Removes residues left from air pollution for better air quality in your living areas.
  • The softer fibres as a result from cleaning, will make your carpet easier to clean and maintain later.
  • Pulls up any dents left from heavy furniture for a smooth again surface
  • Restores to original colour (from darkening, fading or discolouration)

The Bad:

  • Improper wet cleaning can leave your carpet sopping wet, which can be dangerous for mould and mildew growth indoors. Carpet cleaning professionals have all the training to effectively extract water as they go, to leave carpets only a little damp afterwards. For a quick and stress-free drying time.
  • Sticky residue can be left behind after cleaning if chemicals were used and not properly extracted. This residue attracts more dirt and debris, which means you will need to clean your carpet again sooner. Its why so many choose to rely on a carpet cleaning company for their home in Parramatta instead of opting for a DIY wet clean.

Steam Cleaning

This method is similar to hot water extraction and is often used synonymously. The differentiation between them is that steam cleaning uses high temperature steam instead of simply hot water. It’s a method that’s good for synthetic carpets but takes some time for the equipment to warm up.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Offices and homes choose this method with huge families who cannot wait for carpets to dry. It’s performed by sprinkling dry shampoo over your carpet, then working it in and leaving the chemicals to settle and bond with the dirt. Making it easier to extract once you go over it with a vacuum. After carpet dry cleaning you should open the windows to allow in good ventilation, as you don’t want to leave the chemicals used in this method in your breathing space. People who have breathing issues can’t go for this method for this reason. Like hot water extraction, it can also leave some residue (although you won’t see until later when you steam clean). That’s why, again, the importance of going for a professional carpet cleaning company cannot be overstated.

The Good:

  • Fast and convenient method with little drying time.
  • Loosens dirt, oils, and other types of debris for your vacuum cleaner to pick up.
  • Improves the odour of your carpet and rugs.
  • Easy for regular maintenance based cleans.
  • Does not require specialises skills or training.
  • Inexpensive.

The Bad:

  • Provides a surface level clean only, for a full deep clean then wet cleaning is the way to go.
  • Does not restore the ‘fluffiness’ of your carpet like steam cleaning can.
  • A carpet dry cleaning is more likely to leave sticky residue on your carpet that collects dirt than steaming or shampooing and rinsing.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is performed through professional machines that hard spray buffs your carpets with brushes or buffing pads. The floor is first sprayed with a special cleaning solution before buffing begins. Machines used under this method put direct pad pressure on the carpet, which helps lead to the complete removal of dirt from the carpet. It’s a common method when cleaning high traffic areas, such as commercial buildings, offices, and stores. There are a variety of devices available on the market for carpet cleaning. 

The Good:

  • Quick cleaning and dry time
  • Pretty affordable
  • Effective for high traffic areas

The Bad:

  • Bonnet carpet cleaning can cause pile distortion for your carpets and other types of damage to the pile and weave. For this reason, it’s not recommended for cut-pile carpets.
  • Provides a surface clean only and doesn’t pull out embedded dirt or bacteria closer to the base of the carpet.
  • Residue from cleaning chemicals can be left behind if not performed properly.

The Challenges of Dirty Carpet

Carpets are installed everywhere, from homes to offices, and hotel lobbies. While it instantly brings an eye-catching appearance to any room, its beauty and use degrades when you don’t take the time and effort to maintain it. Problems associated with dirty carpets are as bad as matting and crushing, loss of pile fibre and weight, shedding, permanent marks, bleaching, exposure to moisture, etc. Therefore, the maintenance you give your carpet holds utmost importance on its value. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is essential for its longevity and freshness. In the case your carpet has already gotten hard, matted or gained a dishevelled surface, a professional steam cleaning service may be able to restore your carpet to its former glory.  

You can approach numerous carpet cleaning companies in Parramatta, Sydney to take over the maintenance labour your carpet needs. Carpet cleaning companies in Parramatta have professionals that are trained and equipped to provide specialised care to your carpet, no matter your requirements, stain, or carpet type. They have the expertise to lift deep stains, embedded odours and more to give you that fresh ‘new property’ feeling. As well as to identify the type of cleaning your carpet requires.

The following are some common mistakes to be avoided while cleaning carpets:

  1. Don’t put much pressure on the carpet while brushing.
  2. Try to remove every trace of detergent while cleaning your carpet so that it may not become dirty very quickly.
  3. Use fresh water in every next step of cleaning.
  4. Don’t walk on the carpet if it is about to dry, as it will look flattened and worn.
  5. Try every possible way of ventilation so that carpets dry as soon as possible.
  6. Before any time of wet cleaning, clear away the furniture in the room so there’s no chance that it stains your carpet.

Preventive measures

Giving your carpet the right cleaning that it needs can easily become a labour-intensive job. Therefore, there’s no shame in calling a carpet cleaning company nearby them to clean your carpet gently and effectively. Particularly if your carpet is getting harder or retaining some stubborn stains! You can reach out to a favourable carpet cleaning agency near Parramatta, for professionals who are highly skilled and dedicated to their job. They will get your carpet looking and smelling clean and fresh again, as soon as possible! 

As there is no hard and fast rule on using carpet cleaning methods, go for the one which suits your carpet issues and required drying time. Our experts can also assist you, if you are unsure with the type of service that you need. Helping you choose wisely, so that you can initiate your hunt in Parramatta for your carpet cleaning.